Your opinion on all your perverse asks and that demented soundtrack you have on your background.

The other heroes convinced me that this soundtrack would be appreciated by visitors to my blog, but I’m still not sure why. Is it really that disturbing?

hey lumi! slap lania butt and answer !!! does it succulent ?

oh my god what is the origin of the autoplay and that post with the pics is amazign

it is a remix of some kirby song feat. KMS Luminous made by someone on naver. since many of you have asked about it, i will search for it and post a link as soon as i find it again…if anyone already has a link to it let me know.

thank you good sir! btw your RP’s are great! you and dark-crescendo are very skilled. you guys should check them out. 


EDIT: i found the link to the blog’s post that had that song, but the page is now gone. sorry guys. if you want the mp3 though, i think i’ve got one.


i randomly found a folder in my pc with a fuckton of comic maplestory sses, mostly Luminous being a dweeb

show me if any of u got more guys

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What would happen if your original half took you back ?


Where have u been man?

oh might as well do some shitty college AU while i’m at it

(i hope it’s obvious enough who they are)

I rate you as my favorite ask blog omg u guys are perf

apologies for the long breaks, but i think it’s best to do asks this way so we never really get tired of luminous and answering asks as him. haha.

*Whispers welcome back!*

i really shouldn’t be doing this hhahahhahha it’s major crunchtime in school

i’ve just been doing asks while waiting for my animations to render lmao

please excuse the plain and roughly drawn asks for now =,(

Phantom x lumi or eclipse x sunfire


ooc: i am not your personal yaoi factory